rivot News Releases
08.16.2021-Thermo Fisher Scientific Award

Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc team of detailers, fabricators, ironworkers and Project Manager, David Prest have been recognized by Thermo Fisher Scientific for our "outstanding team performance resulting in the flawless execution and early delivery of the first Matrix 2-Shot closure mold".  Our efforts enabled their company to successfully expand the capacity of their Laboratory Plastics Essentials business and make a direct impact in the fight to end a global pandemic.  "Rochester Rigging is deeply grateful for this award on behalf of all of our hard-working and professional team".  - Kelly Gilligan 

04.19.2021-AISC Safety Award of Honor
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is pleased to annouce that we have been awarded the "Safety Award of Honor" by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).  This award congratulates our company for zero injuries and incidents for the calender year 2020.  We thank both management and journeyman for a safe job well done. 
03.22.2021-Rochester Business Journal - Top Woman-Owned Business
Pleased to announce that Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. was listed as the 28th of 50, Woman-Owned Buisnesses for 2021.  

10.20.2020-THANK YOU for helping
"I wanted to send off a quick note of appreciation for the great work Rochester Rigging provided to our Penfield site the past weeks.  You may not know but the work performed is part of an expansion needed to supoort the fight against COVID19 with a critical completion date.  Your site supervisor, Craig, lead by example working with the crew and they did a phenomental job in execution, safety and efficiency of their work.  THANK YOU for helping Thermo Fisher Scientific make the world healthier, cleaner and safer".  - Burford (BJ) Bowman Jr.  - Sr. Manager Facilities & Maintenance.   
07.28.2020-Safety Award of Honor
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have received the 2019 American Institute of Steel Safety Award of Honor today. This award is given for our record of hours worked with zero Days Away and zero Restricted Time Injuries in 2019!  "As an award winner who understands the value of safety and what it takes to achieve that successful record we credit the whole organization for this team effort,"  remarks Kelly Gilligan, President of the company.  
06.26.2020-Don't Stop Until You Are Proud Campaign
We began a new campaign today at Rochester Rigging - "Don't Stop Until You Are Proud". Our intent is to raise the bar of quality workmanship in all departments. We started the campaign with a company meeting and luncheon to talk about pride of work, personal responsibility and teamwork. With motivational messages, lunch & learns, banners, t-shirts with reminder messages and added training we hope to create a sense of pride and ownership of work. Quality is job 1!            
05.29.2020-Annual AISC Quality Audit Completed for 2020!
Yesterday we concluded our annual American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) audit for "Certified Fabricator". I'm very pleased to report we did not have one non conformance or corrective action! I'm proud of our team and their dedication to this quality standard. This ensures that we continue to work for the premier General Contractor's and owners in the area.
01.29.2020-Annual Cell Phones for Soldiers Donation
Yesterday Rochester Rigging mailed our annual old cell phones donation to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program. This national nonprofit organization started in 2004 by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist, then 12 and 13 years old. They relies on cash contributions and donations to provide free calling cards to active-duty military members to connect with their families. They mail approximately 2,500 calling cards each week!
01.17.2020-Once again on the Woman Owned Business Listing with the RBJ
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. was listed as 22nd out of 50 Woman Owned Businesses in the Rochester area as published in the Rochester Business Journal in January 2020.  

10.01.2019-The YMCA Ribbon Cutting
The  Schottland YMCA in Pittsford, NY had it's formal ribbon cutting yesterday which marked our final completion of our largest project to date. "I am so proud of ALL of our employees for an amazing amount of teamwork that went into this project. From the steel detailing into the fabrication shop and completing with the erection of the structural steel and miscellaneous metals, our employees did a fantastic job", says Kelly Gilligan, President. "Our company is populated with employees who have talent, virtue, drive and work well with each other and our customers, you can't ask for better than that".  
07.25.2019-AISC 9th Annual Quality System Audit
We have completed our 9th annual American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) audit. AISC's certification programs set the quality standard for the structural steel industry and are the most recognized national quality certification program for our industry. Our goal is to build quality structures from the start by focusing on error prevention rather than error correction. These annual audits require a comprehensive administration review, a documentation audit and an on-site audit of the firm's quality management system. "I'm proud of my team and the work they put in daily to keep up with the rigors of our quality system" says Kelly Gilligan, President.

04.12.2019-30th Anniversary
Rochester Rigging is proud to celebrate 30 years in business today!  The business founder, Roger Taube started the business in 1989 in his home in Rochester, NY. He began with small installation projects and soon thereafter began fabricating structural and miscellaneous steel items. His daughter, Kelly Gilligan started working for the business shortly thereafter in 1990. They moved locations as they grew and bought a building and yard in Bloomfield, NY in 1998.  Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is now proud to employ over 20 full time staff and seasonally have more than 40 employees on the payroll. Many employees have have been with the company for more than 20 years! "Today we celebrate our company's success and salute our employees who work hard every day to provide a quality product for our customers", remarks Kelly Gilligan, President.  
03.20.2019-Ithaca, NY - Thompkins International Airport Phase 2A
We are pleased to say we have been awarded phase two of the airport project with Streeter Associates, Inc.  Detailing will begin immediately.  
02.18.2019-Rochester City School District School #10 Awarded
We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the steel contract for the Rochester City School District School #10 project with Manning, Squires, Hennig, Co., Inc. 
01.11.2019-Ranked 26th this year!
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is pleased to announce that our company ranked 26 out of 50 this year on the Rochester Business Journal's,  "Woman-Owned Businesses" List. 

"I am always excited to see our company listed on such a fine list of outstanding woman-owned businesses in our area.   Having been in business now for 30 years I'm so pleased to see the list grow from year to year. I'm proud to have been part of our community building projects that house people, make people healthy and most of all educate young people. I thank the RBJ for noting all of our accomplishments on this list and how important our voice and companies are to the fabric of our area".  Congratulations to all the other companies". - Kelly Gilligan, President

08.31.2018-AISC Certification
Today we received from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) our annual quality certification.  AISC recognizes that we have successfully met the requirements for the "Standard for Steel Building Structures".  
07.13.2018-Certificate of Achievement

Toady we were please to report that we were recognized for having NO reportable worker's compensation claims for the period 7/1/2016 - 7/1/2017 by  Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC.  We strive everyday for this achievement and we are proud of our employees and our efforts to be injury and illness free.

07.04.2018-MADE IN AMERICA
Structural Steel is Produced and Fabricated in America

US structural steel is made by American workers:
1.  More than a dozen mill throughout the US produce various structural shapes and plate.
2.  There are more than 2,300 fabrication shops across the country, the vast majority of which are family                          businesses.
3.  One American job is created for every 45 ton of structural steel produced, fabricated and erected in the US.                At the  current rate of 7.2 million tons per year, that's a total of 160,000 jobs!
4.  These workers provide steel for more than 8,000 projects annually across the US.
05.01.2018-New Job!
Happy to report that we were officially awarded the Pinnacle North Building "D" project by LeChase Construction Services, LLC.  Work on this project will begin immediately and erection is expected to begin in September 2018.  We are looking forward to working with LeChase again on this multi-phased project.
04.10.2018-Clipper CNC Angle Line Added
We are proud to announce that we have purchased a NEW Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line for our fabrication facility.  With this automatic processing piece of equipment we will enjoy the benefits of automatic production of clip angles, lower labor costs, material accuracy and increased in-house capabilities. This new equipment will be operational by mid-April 2018.  
03.23.2018-Tariffs and Trade Issues
Rochester Rigging staff attended a "Lunch and Learn"  from the American Institute of Steel Construction on the "Tariffs and Trade Issues" currently taking place in our industry. This hour long webinar went into great detail but the main take-a-way was that if the fabricator can collaborate early in the design stage with the Architect/Engineer and the GC, they would be in the best position to help manage the schedule and the domestic steel needs as they know first hand what the supply chain can offer. Rochester Rigging strives to stay ahead of this issue to best offer our customers the value they demand for their projects. 
03.01.2018-Received Go Ahead for YMCA Project!
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is excited to announce that we have received a Letter of Intent from The Pike Company for the new YMCA - Regional Campus for Healthy Living to be built in Pittsford, New York.  Our contact will include the structural steel and miscellaneous metals for this 140,000 sf building.  Detailing will begin immediately and we expect to be erecting this June 2018. 
02.27.2018-AISC Safety Award of Honor
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. has been awarded the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Safety Award of Honor for the Erector Category.. This honor for 2017 signifies a Dart Rate of 0.  "This award exemplifies our attitude and commitment to a safe workplace. We want all of our employees to go home safely to their families each and every night" states Kelly Gilligan, President.  
02.26.2018-WBE Certification
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. has been certified by New York State Department of Economic Development, Division of Minority and Women's Business Development as a Woman Owned Business (WBE). Our Certification was awarded today and is valid for three years. We have had this certification since August 1994.  
02.21.2018-2018 Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER!
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is  proud to announce today that our Project Manager, Dave Prest was nominated by The Pike Company for the Rochester Builders Exchange Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018.   The award honors his skill, integrity and responsibility in project management.  This award is given out every five years by the Rochester Builders Exchange. To win a craftsmanship award, projects must be of the highest level and demonstrate challenges that were overcome during construction.  The project that was reviewed was the Genesee Hall at the University of Rochester. This 72,000 sf residence hall was fabricated and erected by Rochester Rigging in the winter of 2016 with completion of the miscellaneous metals in the fall of 2017. The notable challenges were the extremely tight project site and the use of a licensed fabrication and erection method called SidePlate.  This method accelerated the schedule by three weeks for The Pike Company.  The awards dinner will take place on Saturday, March 24th at Locust Hill County Club.  
01.19.2018-RRE lands 29 on the list!
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. ranked 29 in the Rochester Business Journal,  "Woman-Owned Businesses" list for 2018.  "Being ranked 29th of the 50 local businesses listed is quite an award",  says Kelly Gilligan, President. Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. has been in business for 29 years and is located in Bloomfield, NY.  

12.27.2017-RRE gives Clean Water!
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is proud to announce that it has made a $1,000.00 donation to CHARITY WATER in honor of all our employees. In many countries around the world, women and girls put their lives in danger every day to collect water for their families. Many wake up before sunrise and spend up to four hours walking.  And, often, the water they bring home isn't even clean. Having access to clean water within the community not only saves hours of time, it provides safety, health and hygiene. It directly impacts the future of all people, and we believe it's the first step out of poverty for rural communities all over the world. GIVE CLEAN WATER!
100% of your donation will bring clean water to people in need.  
12.15.2017-TEKLA Consultation Complete
This past week we have had in our Detailing Department a consultant from Trimble who specializes in our TEKLA  detailing software. The consultant spent three full-time days with our department updating our software to the newest version as well as providing some deep and throughout training. It is vital for our team to be able to provide our customers accurate and efficient shop drawings. Working diligently in the background satisfying our customers expectations sets us apart from our competitors. 
12.07.2017-DASNY WBE Status
The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) Opportunity Programs Group has informed us that our firm has been accepted into the Authority's Opportunity Programs Group Registry.  We are listed as a Woman's Metal Contractor with the following services:  General Metals Work, Structural Framing, Metal Fabrications and Stairs and Miscellaneous Metals Work.  Our registration is effective for two (2) years.  
10.19.2017-Fauver Residence Hall Completion!
"Dave did a great job, he was part of this project's success!  He was easy to work with and worked well with everyone on the team.  Your shop and erectors did an outstanding job too! I hope to work with your team again soon".  Joe Inglese - Senior Project Manager, The Pike Company
08.27.2017-Proud New Member
We are pleased to announce that we are a proud new member of The Business Council.  We are more than 2300 companies who are fighting every day to create a better business climate in New York State. 
08.07.2017-AISC Certification
This past week we undertook our annual American Institute of Steel Construction annual two-day audit.  The audit reviewed such categories as Management Responsibility, Document Control, Contract Review, Detailing, Purchasing, Employee Training and Process Control. The purpose of the audit is to assess our company's quality management system to assure an effective system is in place and meets the AISC certification criteria.  We are pleased to have received certification for another year. This was our 8th annual audit.
06.30.2017-Point Place Casino Contract Received
Our company is pleased to announce that we have received a contract from The Hayner Hoyt Corporation for the structural steel fabrication and installation of the new Point Place Casino project in Bridgeport, New York.  We are pleased to add a new premier contractor to our list of customers. We will begin installing this project in August of 2017. 
02.24.2017-AISC Safety Award
Today we are pleased to say that our company won an AISC Safety Award for 2016!  The value of this award is that it acknowledges the efforts, large and small, that our company has made to operate in a safe and efficient way.  This is our third safety award from AISC.  Our company will be listed with other winning firms at the NASCC: The Steel Conference in March for all to see as well as a listing in the Modern Steel Construction magazine.  We will work hard for another safe year in 2017!
01.01.2017-Seneca Park Zoo Contract
We recently received our contract for the Seneca Park Zoo - Phase 1 Master Plan Improvements from Crane Hogan Structural Systems, Inc.  We are excited to work on such a dynamic and fun project! We will be providing structural steel and miscellaneous metals for the new "Step Into Africa" exhibit.  Work will commence immediately. 

12.13.2016-2016 Annual Contributions Given
Please see below our annual listing of contributions to charitable organizations from Rochester Rigging and our employees for the year 2016.  This list represents over $6,000 given back to our community.
Highland Hospital Foundation - Gala
Make a Wish Foundation
Boy Scouts of Western New York
Ironworker's Local #33 Golf Tournament
Public Health Solutions - NYC Charity on request of LP Ciminelli
2016 United Way
Bloomfield Lions Club
Canandaigua Police
East Bloomfield Fire Department
East Bloomfield Historical Society
Mercy Flight
Boston College Flynn Fund
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Serenity House Hospice - Victor, NY
11.01.2016-Employees Hired Recently
Due to an increase in work load, we have recently added to our team.  We welcome, Margo Parsels our Document Control Manager. This new position will allow us greater control and streamline our documents and drawing process. Our Detailing Department has hired two new entry level steel detailers who will be training with our company. Jonathon Dosramos and Jordan Isselhard will be learning our company standards and training on Tekla, which is tops in the industry software for the steel industry.  Two new fabricators as well have joined our team with experience in miscellaneous metals and stainless steel fabrication.  We look forward to getting to know our new coworkers. 
08.26.2016-6th Annual AISC Audit
Today we had our 6th Annual AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) audit here at Rochester Rigging.  I thank all of our employees for their continued due diligence committing to our quality processes so that we can continue our certification.  This practice has strengthened our company and the results of that, are the wonderful projects we are a part of. We look forward to another year of quality steel fabrication that meets our owner's specifications.   
08.02.2016-University of Rochester Fauver Hall Letter Received
We have happily received a Letter of Intent from The Pike Company, Inc. to fabricate and install the structural steel and miscellaneous metals for the Fauver Hall project at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. This project will be designed with SidePlate,  a patented steel frame connection system by SidePlate Systems, Inc.  This award winning steel frame connection technology is designed for both moment frame and braced frame applications. We look forward to working with this new system and are excited to be working on campus once again.  
03.07.2016-Tioga Downs May Be First
Today we "topped off" the Tioga Downs casino expansion by placing the final steel beam on the framework. Tioga Downs my be the first casino to be completed in New York ahead of the other three upstate casinos that also received approval from New York State.  The topping off ceremony included dozens of politicians, union representatives and casino executives signing the beam with owner Jeff Gural.  A summer opening is expected.

09.17.2015-AISC Audit Conducted Today
Today we undertook our 4th annual American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) audit. This was a comprehensive full day audit for our Building Fabricator Certification.  The audit reviewed our quality procedures and documents to verify that our processes were in compliance with AISC.  "We are happy to report that we had No Corrective Actions to address this year, states Kelly Gilligan, President.  "I am so pleased to know that all of our team's hard work and dedication has paid off and we as a company can verify our fabrication quality to our customers once again". 
02.26.2015-AISC Safety Honor Award
Today we received from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the 2014 Safety Award of Honor. This  is is the second year in a row that we have received this honor. 

11.07.2014-Midtown Seneca North Addition
Today we are excited to announce that we have received our Notice of Award for the Midtown Seneca North Addition project in Rochester, NY from The Pike Company. Work will begin immediately with winter-time installation of the structural and miscellaneous steel items. "This is nice size project for us here at Rochester Rigging and we're pleased to be able to keep our forces busy during what is typically a slow time for construction", says Kelly Gilligan, President.  
09.17.2014-US Mint Announces Design for 2015 Native American Dollar
The United States Mint has announced the design selection for the reverse of the 2015 Native American Dollar. The theme for the design will be the Mohawk Ironworkers. The new dollar celebrates the Mohawk Ironwokers as builders of New York City and other skylines from 1886.  The Mohawk Ironworkers had a reputation as top notch workers who did not fear the heights or dangerous conditions on high steel.  They worked on prominent landmarks within New York City such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the George Washington Bridge and the World Trade Center. 
08.20.2014-General Foreman, Matt Nesbitt honored
It was my pleasure to recently nominate our General Foreman, Matt Nesbitt for the "Ironworker's-IMPACT North American Safety Honors Program".  In the August edition of The Ironworker publication, Matt Nesbitt was formally recognized for his outstanding safety performance.  Many complex projects by union members are completed on time, on budget and with outstanding safety performance. Matt received a $250 gift certificate and a letter of recognition from General President Walter Wise of IMPACT. "I'm pleased to have nominated Matt for this award among his peers and value his commitment to a safer industry" says, Kelly Gilligan, President of Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. 
04.12.2014-25th Anniversary Celebration!
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. celebrated their 25th year in business with their employees on Friday, April 11th at Finger Lakes Casino.  "We thought it would be fun to celebrate our company anniversary all together at Finger Lakes. We just recently completed a project there and wanted to show off our handiwork to the spouses, says Kelly Gilligan, President.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in a private room and spent some time enjoying a little gambling with each other.  One of our employees went home $375.00 richer so that made it all the more fun!" Rochester Rigging started business in Rochester,  April 12, 1989 under Roger Taube's leadership.  In 1999, Kelly Gilligan joined with her father in the new family business. "We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last 25 years, says Kelly, and we hope to continue to provide a quality product at a fair price".  
03.10.2014-AISC Safety Award
Rochester Rigging is pleased to accept the AISC Safety Award in the Steel Erection category,in recognition of our safety achievements in 2013.  In a letter from AISC they note, "A well-run organization realizes that workplace safety stems from a mindset rather than a checklist.  Good management invests in safety with a commitment from the top to develop a systemic response to job hazards through the application of knowledge, best practices and sufficient resources.  AISC believes that the successful record of safe conduct deserves recognition".   Our company will be included in a list of award recipients at NASCC: The Steel Conference in Toronto, Canada and in an upcoming issue of Modern Steel Construction. 
02.26.2014-Roberts Wesleyan Science Center Awarded
Rochester Rigging was awarded the new Roberts Wesleyan Science Center, in North Chili, NY by LeChase Construction Services, LLC. Rochester Rigging will commence shop drawings for this 2-story, 30,000 sf building immediately and provide steel by May 2014.  
01.13.2014-Project Letter of Intent Received
We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Cayuga Green Apartment Building in Ithaca, NY - Phase 2- Structural Steel Package from Turnbull-Wahlert Construction, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This project is designed as a girder slab, composite steel and pre-cast plank building. Installation to begin in Spring of 2014. 

12.06.2013-AISC Certificate Received
We are pleased to announce that today we received our third anniversary American Institute of Steel Construction   (AISC) Certificate proving successful completion of our audit and review process for 2013. We continue to prove that our commitment in our organization, our personnel, our experience and our capabilities meet the provisions of the AISC Quality Management Certification Program.  
12.05.2013-Giving Back at Holiday Time
Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is proud to announce the list of charities that our company has contributed to in 2013.  On that list: United Way, Crime Stoppers, St. Joseph's School in Auburn, American Heart Association, Ironworker's Local 33 events, Friends of Lateef Haskins, Stuart Horse Trials, East Bloomfield Fire Department, Golisano Children's Hospital, Wilmot Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Saint John Fisher College, Bloomfield Youth Baseball, Cameron Street Ministries and Cell Phones for Soldiers.  We are thankful to all of these organizations both large and small who do very good deeds for our community.  
10.25.2013-SUNY Cortland Grand Opening
Yesterday our company was honored at the SUNY Cortland New Dragon Hall grand opening on the SUNY Cortland campus.  We were presented with a plaque honoring our dedication, hard work and quality. "We appreciate the acknowledgment and collaboration with LP Ciminelli on this project".  The new residence hall houses approximately 200 students.  
08.23.2013-Kelly Gilligan Voted In As A New Trustee on Pension and Welfare Fund
Kelly Gilligan, President of Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc was recently voted in at the summer meeting in Lake Placid, NY as the new employer trustee on The Ironworker's District Council Pension and Welfare Funds. "I take great pride in this appointment to serve as a trustee of a multiemployer plan.  As a new trustee I have the opportunity and fiduciary responsibility to influence how employee benefits are provided to the workers in our industry.  I look forward to the challenge", says Kelly Gilligan.
07.31.2013-RGRTA Topping-Off Ceremony
Today the "Topping-Off Ceremony" for the Rochester Greater Regional Transit Authority (RGRTA) was held on the job site.  RGRTA employees signed their name to the final beam that was erected by Rochester Rigging ironworkers; Jim Falvey and Mike Wells.  The new bus facility at Mortimer and Clinton Street's is expected to open in April 2014.  
07.25.2013-Xerox Job Awarded
Rochester Rigging has been awarded the Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals package for the Xerox Building 216 4th Line Expansion project.  "We are happy to have been selected to work with Bill Ture at LeChase Construction Services, LLC on this exciting expansion up at the Webster plant",  reports Project Manager; Michael Hansen.  "We look forward to a fast-paced project with a completion time by year end".  
07.15.2013-Approved University of Rochester Contractor
"We are happy to report that we have been notified that Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. has been pre-qualified to perform work at all of the University of Rochester locations.  Contractors were evaluated on their financial stability, ability to provide a safe work environment,relevant project experience and quality of work.  We are happy to be on their approved bidders list and look forward to many successful projects" says Kelly Gilligan, President.  
06.26.2013-Fire Extinguisher Training Conducted
Today all employees participated in our annual Fire Extinguisher Training at our facility.  Georgia Engels from Airborne Fire, familiarized the participants with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and offered valuable tips for home use.  
05.29.2013-AISC Certified Draftsman In-House!
We are pleased to announce that James Shetler, our in-house steel draftsman has passed his American Institute of Steel Construction,  AISC Detailer and Training Course with flying colors!  "Congratulations, you really did ACE the final, never have I seen someone do so well" quoted Ron Cuthbert from AISC.  This detailer training course certifies that the steel detailer has been trained on the current AISC specifications, codes and standards.  "We are proud of Jimmy and we think because of his earlier experience in the fabrication shop this aided him in his overall understanding of steel detailing" says, Kelly Gilligan, President.  

05.23.2013-Contract Received for the Golisano Children's Hospital Miscellaneous Metals package
We are proud to have been chosen to fabricate and install the miscellaneous metals package for the construction of the new Golisano Children's Hospital for the University of Rochester.  We look forward to another successful project with LeChase Construction Services, LLC. Work will begin this immediately.
05.23.2013-Completion of the Warner School @ University of Rochester
"We were pleased to have attended the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Warner School at the University of Rochester campus last week.  We are proud to have been the structural steel contractor chosen for this beautiful building" says, Kelly Gilligan, President.   "Our work is typically unseen, but in this case our main staircase is front and center, and could not have looked more handsome and the building overall aesthetics were just beautiful".  
04.10.2013-New Residence Hall at SUNY Corland Nearing Completion
The State University of New York at Cortland is in the latter stages of completing a 5-story residence hall to accommodate the growing demand for on-campus housing.  "Rochester Rigging is proud to have been an integral part of this efficient and economical design for this 61,000 square foot structure" remarks Kelly Gilligan, President of Rochester Rigging.  "In addition to fabricating and erecting 350 tons of structural steel, we also installed the precast hollow core slabs manufactured by Oldcastle Precast".  "This was our first project with the Girder-Slab System.  It went well, and we feel now that we have been through one complete project, we would not be apprehensive to install another."  Erection was began in August 2012 and successfully completed in early October 2012. 

Please see our full press release and photos on the News/Newsletter Tab.
01.30.2013-Tekla Software for building infomation modeling (BIM)
"With the recent purchase and implementation of our new state of the art detailing software we can now provide an effective communication tool to use with our partners and clients to accelerate the design process", says Kelly Gilligan, President of Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc.  "This new software purchase puts us in the lead in our industry.  "The building information process, known as BIM, can help to improve quality, increase profits and reduce risk." We will be able to deliver our product faster and more economically". 

10.11.2012-RGRTA Contract Signed!
Rochester Rigging is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the structural steel package for the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA). Work will begin immediately with shop drawings and steel installation is expected to take place spring of 2013.  We are excited to be involved in this $50 million, 87sf project.  The Federal Transit Authority is funding 80% of the project, with the state Department of Transportationand Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority paying for the remainder. Our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification helped us secure this project.
06.25.2012-University of Rochester Media Arts & Innovation Center

Rochester Rigging has been given the go ahead for fabrication and installation of the new University of Rochester Media Arts and Innovation Center located on it's main campus. This new 17,000 sf building will house the university's new digital media lab.  "We are excited to work with LeChase Construction once again and to be part of another terrific project on this expanding and forward thinking campus" says Kelly Gilligan, President. 

05.15.2012-Wegmans Store - Brighton, NY

Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. has been chosen by Wegmans Food Markets to install the structural steel and metal deck for their new 85,000 sf store at 1750 East Avenue in Brighton, NY.  This new store will replace an existing facility. Steel erection will begin in June 2012. 

04.05.2012-New Projects Awarded
Today was a banner day here at Rochester Rigging with two letters of intent received for structural steel.  We were awarded the SUNY Oswego Rice Creek Biological Field Station with Taylor and the SUNY Cortland New Residence Hall with LP Ciminelli.  "Both projects fit perfectly into our fabrication schedule says Kelly Gilligan, President". "We look forward to getting these two projects off the ground this month with our detailing team, fabricating them this Spring and erecting both Summer of 2012". 
01.31.2012-2012 Zero Fatality Campaign Begins
The International Iron Workers Union and IMPACT are launching the "2012 Zero Fatality" campaign to prevent fatalities and disabling injuries in the workplace.  The campaign is designed to focus on the primary "Deadly Dozen Activities and Hazards" and will utilize hardhat stickers, gang-box stickers and posters.  We are fully committed to this campaign and embrace this safety initiative to prevent unsafe conditions and unsafe acts on our job sites!  

12.15.2011-Happy Holidays

"As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape our business in a most significant way. We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the years to come. We wish you a very happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity".      ~ Kelly Gilligan, Pres.


08.29.2011-AISC Fabricator's Certification Received
"Today is an historic day in our organization.  Today we received our AISC "Standard for Steel Building Structures" Certification.  We have worked diligently over the last eighteen months toward this goal and I'm so proud of all of our employee's who put forth the efforts to aid us in attaining this important designation.  We look forward to continually meeting and exceeding our customer's standards" ~ Kelly Gilligan, President
07.21.2011-AISC Fabricator's Certification in Wait
"Today completed our initial AISC Fabrication Audit.  With this audit behind us we look forward to receiving our certification letter by the end of August 2011.  I'm thrilled with the results of our audit and want to extend a large thank you to our staff for being so cooperative and diligent in our implementation phase and audit process!  This certification will most certainly aid us in attaining more market share.  Great success everyone!"  Kelly Gilligan, President
06.16.2011-Red Paint Goes Green
At Rochester Rigging, "GREEN" is not just a color!   It's the ongoing initiative that describes our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.  "We have happily switched our standard shop primer to Sherwin-Williams KEM AQUA 70p as part of our commitment", says President, Kelly Gilligan.  KEM AQUA is an alkyd, fast drying metal primer which offers VOC compliance, excellent corrosion resistance, early water resistance and no flash point.  This product will qualify us for LEED-certified projects developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.
06.09.2011-New HYD-MECH Bandsaw in Production
Just in time for a growing backlog of fabrication, a new HYD-MECH bandsaw is ready for production.  "This new saw will play a key role in increasing the efficiency of our operations, helping to reduce costs while boosting our quality and production" says Kelly Gilligan, President. 

The V-18 is a semi-automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 45° left to 45° right.  A 2 HP driven hydraulic pump supplies system pressure through three position directional valves controlling all vising, head advance/retract, blade tension, and guide arm movement. Its optional 6° degree canted head, recommended when cutting larger beams, structural steel, and bundles of square tubing allows for more efficient cutting and improved blade life.  Featuring a 20"H x 18"W capacity, 7.5 HP motor, and 1 1/4" blade, the V-18 was a reliable choice.

05.27.2011-Harris RF Project Xavier

On May 26, 2011 Rochester Rigging was proud to erect the galvanized front entrance canopy and tower for the Harris RF Xavier project.  This new tower will soon be clad with architectural stainless steel panels and a spire to resemble a walkie talkie.  This newly remodeled building, formerly the Xerox facility, will manufacture and ship walkie talkies all over the globe.  Photos available.

03.22.2011-Letter of Intent Received for University of Rochester Project

A Letter of Intent has been received in our office today confirming LeChase Construction Service's intent to contract with Rochester Rigging & Erectors on the structural and miscellaneous steel for The Warner School at the University of Rochester.  We are delighted to be a part of this exciting project on the UofR campus.  Work will begin immediately.

03.21.2011-AISC Fabricator's Certification in Process
Rochester Rigging & Erectors is pleased to announce after almost one year of preparation they have submitted their application to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) for the Quality Management Systems Fabricator's Certification.

"Our whole team has been working diligently now for months to work towards this goal; I'm most pleased with our commitment to quality and I look forward to our final audit," remarks Kelly Gilligan, President.
03.04.2011-Congratulation URMC
Congratulations URMC on the completion of the Clinical and Translational Sciences Building!  We are proud to have provided the stairs, hand railings and other miscellaneous steel items.

12.31.2010-Happy New Year
As we close out 2010, Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. would like to thank you for choosing to do business with us.  All of us at Rochester Rigging wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2011. 
10.19.2010-Harris RF Project Xavier
Harris Corporation was founded in this community 50 years ago and has plans to develop a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and logistics facility for the production of tactical and public safety radio systems in Henrietta, NY.   The plans call for the purchase of a 573,000 sf building from Xerox Corp on Jefferson Road.  This new facility will house approximately 2300 employees. Rochester Rigging's contract will include all structural and miscelleneous steel.
10.05.2010-Piez Hall Letter of Intent Received
"Today we received a Letter of Intent from The Pike Company for the award of Piez Hall at SUNY Oswego.  This project is a science, engineering and technology addition to an existing building. The 4-story addition consists of approximately 200 ton of structural steel with a unique radius planetarium. The project will be managed by Kelly Ormsby and commence in the Spring of 2011".
09.08.2010-Awarded Unity Health Expansion Project
Today we received our contract for the "Unity Health Modernization and Expansion" project with LeChase Construction Services, LLC.  We recently completed the (800+ ton) multi-story medical office building for Unity Health;  "Unity at Ridgeway", and we look forward to working with Unity Health and LeChase toward another successful project. This project will consist of the structural steel for the North Hospital Building and will commence this fall.
07.08.2010-Ontario County Fiber Ring
We are happy to announce that we are now hooked up to the Ontario County Fiber Ring Network for our telecommunications needs. With our large file usage this high-speed broadband will prove to be huge economic edge for us!
05.21.2010-Rochester Rigging Congratulates ESL in the Rochester Business Journal
Congratulations ESL on your new home in downtown Rochester!   Rochester Rigging has a featured ad in the "Special Section" of the Rochester Business Journal, May 21, 2010 edition. Check it out....
05.18.2010-New Corporate Website
Rochester Rigging has announced the their new corporate website went live effective May 18, 2010.   "We are pleased with our new website and are happy to showcase our company and our projects in a more professional fashion" says Kelly Gilligan, President.
03.01.2010-AISC Fabrication Certification
Rochester Rigging and Erectors entered into an agreement today with Atema to obtain our AISC Fabrication Certification. We expect to be compliant by 4th Q 2010!
02.22.2010-Rochester Rigging & Erectors Receives Safety Award
The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Compensation Trust has awarded Rochester Rigging & Erectors a plaque in recognition of their commitment to workplace safety and health.
02.06.2010-ESL Pedestrian Bridge Arrives Safely at New Location
Rochester Rigging just installed the new ESL Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Rochester. The installation of this bridge completes 6 months of work.....
01.30.2010-Shoptech's E2 Implementation Completed
After many months we have successfully completed our implementation of Shoptech's E2 software. "In tough times like these we made the decision a year ago, that to stay competitive we needed to invest in technology" says Kelly Gilligan, President.  "Our shop control system allows us to streamline our shop labor processes whereby increasing our productivity."
01.15.2010-Rochester Rigging & Erectors Announces Plans for New Website
Kelly Gilligan entered into a contact today with Karlamar Associates to design a new corporate website. Expect to see it launched this Spring!

12.15.2009-Rochester Rigging & Erectors Thank Employees for a Great Year
Kelly & Ed Gilligan thank employees at Rochester Rigging & Erectors and Bristol Metals for their outstanding contributions and hard work throughout the year, making 2009 one of the best years yet!
08.24.2009-Rochester Rigging & Erectors Wins Big at Rochester Business Classic
Rochester Rigging & Erectors golf team wins the 2009 Annual Championship Trophy at the Rochester Business Classic Golf Tournament held at the Country Club of Rochester. Jim Shetler, Michael Hansen, Roger Taube, and Scott Hurl bring home the awards.

“Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. as been a steel fabrication and erection contractor of choice for LeChase Construction for over twenty years. Every year, Rochester Rigging, has completed a number of projects for us, regularly on time and under budget, with high quality fabrication and installation.”

Kyle L. Sayers, Vice President
LeChase Construction Services, LLC
"I wanted to send off a quick appreciation for the great work Rochester Rigging provided. Your site supervisor lead by example working with the crew and they did a phenomenal job in execution, safety and efficiency of their work. Thank you for helping Thermo Fisher Scientific make the world Healthier, Cleaner and Safer.

Burford (BJ) Bowman Jr., Sr. Mgr Facilities & Maintenance
Thermo Fisher Scientific
“LeChase construction highly recommends Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. as both a prime and a sub-contractor for fabrication and installation of structural and miscellaneous steel projects.”

Kyle L. Sayers, Vice President
LeChase Construction Services, LLC

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